ServiceTrade Certification Courses

Training and continuing education for your staff to operate efficiently and always provide outstanding customer service.

Increase Efficiency and Consistency

Students learn how to use the ServiceTrade web and mobile app in self-paced online learning courses. Users watch a video and follow along in the application in the web app or installed on their mobile device.

Watch a 30-second sample of the iOS technician training course.

The technician’s course is also available for Android devices.

Visit our Learning Center to sign up and take courses.

Relate Everything to Customer Service

Giving customers an amazing experience is a responsibility shared by every person in your service business. Certification courses explain why each step in the application is important and how it impacts other users in the company — and ultimately your customers.

Get Role-Based Training

Online training courses are tailored to three different roles:

Technicians in the field who use an iOS or Android mobile device.

Staff in the office who perform tasks related to service operations.

Admins in the office or in the field who oversee service operations. Admin users learn everything taught to techs and staff.

Courses are currently available for technicians who use iOS or Android devices. Courses will soon be available for staff and admins.

Streamline Onboarding

Don’t burden your existing users with training new team members. New users will fully understand how to use the app for their role and how their proper use of the application helps the rest of your service operations and your customers.

Ensure Learning Happened

Each course ends with a pass-fail examination. Students follow along with the course, then take the exam. In the case of a failed exam, the student can review the relevant sections, then retake the exam until they pass.

After passing the exam users will be ServiceTrade Certified.

Get started or revisit course material anytime in the Learning Center.

Brush up on Skills

Registered users can review segments about how to do something they may have forgotten. Each user has access to the online course for one year.

ServiceTrade is always adding new or enhancing existing features. Users learn about new features and how to use them. We’ll alert students when there are new lessons ready for their review.



per office user

Learn how to use ServiceTrade
in the office.

  • Students learn how to:
    • Navigate the ServiceTrade web application
    • Manage customers, locations, and contacts
    • Schedule and dispatch jobs
    • Manage and review work in real time
    • Provide amazing customer service
    • Quote and manage repair work



per technician

Learn how to use ServiceTrade
in the field.

  • Students learn how to:
    • Clock in and out of jobs
    • Access customer and location information
    • Understand the services to be provided
    • Create a media-rich record of the job
    • Record new deficiencies for later repair
    • Complete a job
    • ***
      Available for iOS and Android users.


This coursework is in development.