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How to Grow Your Service Contracting Revenue 24.3% Year Over Year

On average, commercial service contractors who use ServiceTrade grow their invoice revenue by 24.3% year over year. All you have to do is buy ServiceTrade and you’ll grow! Our work here is done. The end. If only it were that simple. There is a big difference between the best and worst performers. For example, contractors […]


Mapping Your Customer’s Journey

Do you have ambition to become the leading service contractor in your market? Does it feel like operational and administrative inefficiencies are holding you back? We get it. It’s not easy to lead the market when it feels like you can’t even get your own house in order. We’ve helped hundreds of our customers streamline […]

Growth Benchmarks for Service Contractors

At ServiceTrade we know that you want to be the best commercial service contractor in your market. It’s difficult, however, to be the best if you don’t know what the “best” is. You could only guess about how your peers were performing, until now. We analyzed data from over 400 of our commercial service contracting […]

The Data Gut Punch

January 14th marked the start of the AHR Expo in Atlanta at the 1.4-million sq. ft. Georgia World Congress Center. With 50-thousand attendees, that place was a madhouse. I, along with the rest of the ServiceTrade team, was engaged in back-to-back conversations with commercial mechanical service contractors about their growth goals. As we usually do, […]

254,484 Quotes: Fast, Rich, and Easy

Commercial service contractors, do delays in sending repair quotes to your customers impact your approval rate? How much? Are quotes more likely to be approved if they are paper or digital? Do pictures and videos help? These are easy questions to answer! Simply connect a business intelligence (BI) tool, like Amazon QuickSight, to the application […]

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What Contractors can Learn from the Mechanic

Megabrands like Amazon and Domino’s are outselling their competitors and changing consumer expectations by going on offense and providing better customer experiences that are convenient and transparent. As easy as it is to dismiss these examples because they are seemingly unrelated to service contracting, even the local mechanic is giving their customers a better service […]