Full Stack Software Engineer

A little bit about us:

We’re a high-performing, AWS-based, agile-with-a-lowercase-A SaaS web application team that builds web and mobile applications for commercial service contractors.

A little bit about you:

You’re an experienced full stack developer who wants to build web applications that can scale to match 100%+/year growth. You love frontend JS frameworks with REST API backends, and you think breaking large applications into loosely coupled microservices is neat. You’re excited about the opportunity to lead tactical UI development decisions for our team, and contribute to our overall user experience design. You like to ship code frequently and you feel unhappy if you haven’t written any unit tests lately.

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Design, development, and testing of ServiceTrade’s web applications, REST APIs, backend services, and microservices
  • Working from mockups to produce fully developed features
  • Performance tuning, debugging, and integrating with existing features
  • Collaborating with our awesome customer support team to make end users happy

You’ll need:

  • Significant experience with PHP and JavaScript frameworks (Ember, Angular, etc)
  • Experience with MySQL and/or its forks, preferably in multi-node environments
  • Experience with AWS, particularly EC2, RDS, and Lambda
  • Experience with all the trappings of a modern software team:  git, grunt or similar build tools, CI tools, unit testing tools, etc.
  • Experience with Node.js is strongly preferred
  • Experience with Containers is a plus

How to apply:

Send your resume to ramin@servicetrade.com.